Monday, May 10, 2010

Furry God Mother

Lemme tell you a secret... some "dreams" should just stay dreams.

Simple as that.

Real life ain't gonna live up to what you've created in your head.

But when it's better than you ever imagined? Well...then life is so sweet it makes your teeth hurt. That sums up my sweet my teeth hurt. And here's why...

Yes. That is me and Elayne Boosler (picture DOES NOT do her justice) playing with our Vagina's. I make delicious little fabric sculptures shaped like Vulva's on the outside and useful coin purses on the inside. Because you can go inside it makes 'em full on textbook Vagina's. I've recently been featured in the Regretsy Book.

My favorite Power Jew, Julie Mains (here with Elayne playing with Vagina's) set up a love connection and hence THE lunch of a life time!

I am proud to say Elayne will be auctioning off one of my Vagina Coin Purses and another little goody to raise money for Tails of Joy. I'll let you know when the auction is scheduled so you can bid on a piece of history.

So she's a comic...what's the big deal? you ask... Well, Elayne Boosler is one of my Childhood Heroines. She IS the Godmother of Standup.

See, I got in trouble for watching her cable specials in the 80's when I was a kid. Not because they were dirty... Elayne is FAR from dirty...her act was smart, funny AND coming from someone with a V.A.G.I.N.A. (gasp)

She's smart and funny and educated and ambitious and bold and brilliant. Back then she put a positive spin on sexuality and spoke her mind. That was definitely NOT allowed. Women arguing with the status quo? What the Hell is that nonsense.

There was a lot of lip service given to "equal rights" when I was growing up. But frankly if you had a vagina, you were nothing. And if you were outspoken...then you were trouble. Elayne gave "the man" the finger and made it happen for women in standup. She. Made. It. Happen.

Elayne has been on my "List" since the first time I saw her. It's a secret list, comprised of muggles and celebrities. It's always evolving as some have been kicked off the list for being douchey or screwing over people I love. The List is simply people I admire and wish to meet before they die. I'm doing okay with The List, although I'm more than a little bitter about Jim Henson and Lucille Ball.

I always hoped I would have a chance to tell Elayne how I had studied her comedy and paid my dues for it. How she personally had a positive impact on my performing and sense of humor. Elayne Boosler was the first women who didn't have a man on stage with her to "make" her funny. She was THE first.

So to meet her? Excellent. To have the chance to help her do something she is passionate about? Honored. To have lunch with her? Hand me the Depends.

Lunching with her was like spending time with your favorite Auntie. There was this warm glow surrounding the three of us. We laughed and teased like old friends. And talked about everything you're not supposed to on a first date...politics, religion, sex, incontinence.

She made us feel like we were the most important people in the world. Elayne is charming and warm and intelligent and well informed and funny...wickedly funny. She is graceful and absolutely stunning in every way.

Tails of Joy is just an extension of Elayne Boosler's heart. They are raising money for the most needy shelters and rescues across our great nation and working hard to improve animal cruelty laws. They buy animals out of shelters before they are killed, support free spay and neutering, purchase medicine and food and are speaking for those who can't. Those who, despite how many times they're kicked, will still wag their tail or try to curl up in your lap.

It's not sexy work, but things worth doing seldom are.

Please check out Tails of Joy and become part of positive change for all creatures. Elayne Boosler has gone to the dogs and is making things happen, just as she always has.

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VenetianBlond said...

OMG ELAYNE BOOSLER!!!! That is so awesome I could cry!