Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lounge Lizard

So what the heck does the reptile section of the pet store have to do with Art?

I don't know, but that's where I wound up today. So I bought this bottle of stuff to embed mini copies of my collage on to tiles. The gal at the bead/quilt/metal supply store Raved about it.

Now normally I won't spend $10 on an ounce of eau de parfume much less an art supply I've never tried... over priced art supplies are B.S... but she R.aved. This was about 4 months ago and I hadn't opened it yet. It's too expensive to ACTUALLY use, right?

Artfest to the rescue...I came back with a vengeance of creativity this year... I OPENED that damn miracle bottle of bliss. It came with an 11x 7 page of 10pt. type directions which I promptly tossed over my shoulder and went to work an a new brilliant creation.

Then it wouldn't work right. This miracle liquid was supposed to dry to a hard-as-nails finish in 15min. tops. Not so much.

To be continued......

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