Friday, April 16, 2010

Lounge Lizard Deux

The instructions on the floor...ruined art....sticky fingers.

What was I doing wrong?

Well not reading the directions for one... but apparently the singular "little" detail that wasn't on the packaging NOR divulged by the evangelist from the bead store... The crap needed to cure in UV light.

Specifically Sunshine.

And I live in the Pacific North West... only SLIGHTLY more sunny than Scotland.

"Where in THE HELL am I going to get SUNSHINE!!!!! Especially at 11pm????" I thought... okay yelled at Husbang who was amused by the whole ordeal.

Back to reading the directions....I could also use a UV light, for curing fake nails, found at Salon Supply stores. Or a 40w or higher fluorescent black light (good luck). Since sunshine isn't consistent where I live I penciled in a trip to the Beauty Shop Supply.

The next day the Sun was out in full force! Score! I was able to whip out some experimental pieces to see how the stuff really worked. I must say, it WAS pretty amazing and I loved the finished product. However, to carry out my evil plans needed a regular source of UV rays.

The Salon Supply shop carried exactly what I was looking for! A cute little UV box with removable trays on which to put my creations. And at the LOW, LOW price of $350.00!!!

WOW! That was SO NOT Happening!

I love the fact that this little 1 oz bottle of $10 gel was turning out to cost me several hundred dollars. Huzzah.

So I'm thinking... what else needs UV? LIZARDS!!!! Reptiles need UV light to stay healthy!

Over the next few days my rounds of errands were expanded to include the reptile sections of various pet stores. Unfortunately, animal geeks are not as "into" using their supplies for things other than animals. So not much help or friendliness from staff.

Thanks be to all that is Holy for the internet. I was able to do further research and with the help of Husbang, make a successful purchase. The Lizard bulb, which fits into a clip-on lamp we already had, was only $17.50. Not bad...and worth the abuse from the pet Nazi's.

I've got the test pieces Lounging in the Lizard light as we speak.

Stay tuned for further updates!

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