Monday, February 13, 2012

Here I Go Again!

"Quitting smoking is easy, I've done it a thousand times." ...Is one of my favorite quotes from Mark Twain and one I've been repeating to myself a lot over the last year. Everyday is a fresh start and a chance to try again.

I feel like this art "thing" is evolving and becoming easier. The inner critic is finally learning to shut the hell up and I'm learning to balance my time better. Between Responsibilities, Restoration, Relaxation, Reproduction and avoiding a Rut it's quite a balancing act.

Most people don't realize how much "business" goes into being an independent artist. I am extremely fortunate to have a wonderful partner in this life who is financially supporting us while I'm building this business of art. Being an artist himself, it is a wonderful gift everyday. One I am working very hard not to fritter away.

To help stay focused Husbang (@misterbowen) & I have started Podcasting. We are working up to consistently posting 30 to 45min every week. We are discussing what inspires us, this grand journey of art, and people we meet along the way.

Our hope is to encourage ourselves and others to get out there and create. Create anything...pick a number and do it. We have each been working on 100 paintings each. We're getting there!

Check it out at: One Hundred of Something

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