Wednesday, September 15, 2010

6/1000 Artists Anonymous

If you haven't discovered Keri Smith yet you can thank me later.

I think her How to Feel Miserable as an Artist (By Keri Smith and featured below) applies to ALL artists regardless of your media (yes my actorly/writing/musical friends I'm talking to YOU)... once you start breaking these rules you really become free to create.

I am absolutely HORRIBLE at coming up with an idea and then seeing if someone has already "done it better" on Etsy or the internet. I am self sabotaging and I don't know how to stop.

Hi, I'm ArtHarpy and I'm a self sabotaging artist
(This is where you say..."Hi ArtHarpy")

1. To post her Manifesto around my life (house, car, studio, journal, to-do list notebook)

2. Discover exactly how many miserable things I'm doing to myself every day

3. Admit I am powerless over my inner critic

4. Believe that my artistic spirit is real

5. Treat my Artistic Spirit as I would an amazing, lovely, dear friend

6. Submit to my Artistic Spirit as she is greater than my inner critic and can restore euphoria in my life

7. Commit to making a fearless inventory of my artistic strengths

8. Believe that what I create is brilliant in it's imperfection

9. Celebrate in the pure freedom of creating

10. Rejoice in the ability to make the world a better place through art

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Nelly said...

Hi ArtHarpy! I love Keri Smith. I bought the Wreck this Journal for my boys for Christmas. We are slowly doing it together. I hear she has a new one.