Tuesday, September 7, 2010

4/1000 Out of the Woods

Listening to the sound of silence for three days was, apparently, just what I needed.

I was dreading coming back to civilization, thinking my reentry would be jarring. The woods were so peaceful. Lush green so vivid and beautiful it makes your heart ache. The fresh smell of the earth, the way the sunlight dances on spiderwebs. Dew-kissed wildflowers. It was all so incredible.

With three days of being able to think, sleep, make art and even cry without being interrupted I was worried the bombardment of people would be too much. But thankfully, my head doesn't feel like it's about to spin off the way it did before I left.

Feeling centered and in my being, I made some personal discoveries in the woods. I found the common thread of what has been weighing me down the past year. Although I didn't reach a resolution, I know which path to take.

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