Friday, June 25, 2010

In the Bag

Today I bought my daughter a bag. She is a Twihard (Twilight + Die-hard = Twihard)...It's bordering on a disorder as I believe the books have addled her brain.

The Girl has a tenancy to be a little absent minded when it comes to keeping track of her things. However, as an extension of her teen obsession, she has managed to keep track of EVERYTHING related to Twilight (books, journals, clothing, chap stick...)

I thought, perhaps, this OCD (Obessive Cullen Disorder) could work to my advantage. The Girl needed a bag od her own. One that she would cherish and not lose. She keeps stealing a myriad of MY bags to tote various and sundry things to dance class, the beach or slumber parties. When I found a Edward Cullen bag on clearance for $3 I felt I had hit the proverbial jackpot!

Oh... but it needed to be personalized. She is an "Emmett" fan...I felt this was an excellent use of my talents tonight.


VenetianBlond said...

Brilliant! Or should I say sparkly?

VenetianBlond said...

I'm calling you a Versatile Blogger. You can find your award here: